INY Festival is a National Youth Festival which is being hosted by INY Foundation in New Delhi on October 7, 2018.

In its first edition, the festival will include various events like Panel Discussions, Townhall Sessions, Workshops, Guest Presentations, Debating Sessions, Group Discussions, and Fashion Show.

The festival bring together distinguished leaders from the fields of politics, business, academia, development, entertainment, journalism and sports, to engage in a dialogue with leaders of tomorrow, amidst ethnic fashion shows, and different cuisines, celebrating leaders in various disciplines from India.

We wish to engage young people in meaningful discussions and conversations aimed at making India an inclusively developed country. Our aim is to enhance the learning, sharing and networking experience of our delegates by making the event intimate and people-oriented. 


The youth are not only leaders of tomorrow, but also partners of today. With India witnessing a radical change in the mindset of people towards 4th Industrial Revolution, and low participation of women in leadership roles, there is a rising need to address the grass-root challenges of leadership and focus on making the country self-reliant through both – individual and cooperative efforts. 

We believe that we can alchemize the latent potential of the youth into a global asset through multifarious leadership development activities that go beyond the traditional boundaries of culture, region and religion that give a global outlook while still retaining the essence of the local roots.


As our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi pointed out, that development alone is the solution to all problems, we have decided to move ahead with this mantra given by him and thus seek solutions to some of the problems manifest in the Indian Society, by opening the stage for our youth to initiate a dialogue on some of these poignant issues. We also seek to bring together ideas from various strata of the society and utilise them in a constructive manner which proves propitious not only to the participants but to the society as a whole.